A client’s main concern is generally the bottom line. Our experienced estimators work hard to provide an accurate, competitive, and detailed budget.

We believe in comprehensive budgeting as early as possible in the process. At our earliest involvement with the project, we will produce a preliminary budget based on early design documents or simple discussion with a client about the goals of the project. Throughout the development of the design, we refine the project budget, enabling the client to make timely and informed choices with respect to cost.

Documented historical data  gives us a constant feel for where the market is and it reflects in our sharp budgeting and estimating services. We will estimate your project using bids from our ever-growing list of high-quality subcontractors and vendors, delving into the fine budget details of your project.  Our budgeting process includes to following steps:

  • Develop a total project budget as early as possible
  • Analyze project requirements and drawings to verify scope
  • Oversee contractor in preparation of detailed line item estimates
  • Prepare soft cost budget including all consultants
  • Analyze utility, permitting, testing and inspection costs
  • Establish FF&E design and budget
  • Determine and analyze cash flow requirements
  • Oversee value-engineering and improvements in cost and schedule
  • Implement ongoing controls for real-time tracking of cost impacts